ALKConnect: Information for Healthcare Providers

Having a comprehensive database consisting of in-depth individualized information is vital in making advancements in ALK+ NSCLC. We collect information from patients from the US and US Territories only to help understand different symptoms, learn about patient treatment history, and understand the lifestyle implications on patients.

Benefits to Your Patients

By participating in the registry, your patients will be able to:

  • Access the pool of de-identified information and data from the registry
  • Sign up to be notified about clinical trials and other research studies that they may be eligible for based on the information they enter in the registry
  • Contribute to advancing the understanding of ALK+ NSCLC and the development of new therapies

We empower patients to directly input their data under patient consent. When your patients participate and engage with ALKConnect, they help make their mark in the ALK+ NSCLC community.